Akame ga Kill! Review

6be248f84eb47473cf3593644f14eafc2efacd5d1Akame ga Kill! was released during mid to late 2014. The story follows Tatsumi, a young innocent boy who is in search of fortune to send back to his impoverished village. In a poor twist of fate, Tatsumi looses all his money and is forced to go without food and shelter, luckily for him a young noble woman notices him and insists that he spends the night at her house. During his time with her family, he learns of a guild of deadly assassins called Night Raid, who is hell bent on murdering high-ranking citizens of the empire. During the night the family is visited by Night Raid and, in a bizarre twist, it is revealed that the family has taken pleasure in torturing innocent civilians, including Tatsumi’s friends. He then decides to join Night Raid in their mission to take down the empire.

My Review: I had a lot of fun with this show. First of all the shows reaction based humour works really well to liven up the experience, even if it is simple in its design. The characters aren’t particularly unique but the writing does a great job of building them up over course cours of the show. One thing that I really liked was how we get to build up quite a lot of history with the enemy, and when to comes to the characters dying, I can’t help but fell bad whether its a good guy or a bad guy. The story is pretty solid, however, I did think it kind of lost the whole “silent and sneaky assassin” concept in exchange for overpowered super warriors. Some of the weapons are pretty cool, particularly how a person has to resonate well with imperial arms to weld it, I would have liked to see that aspect get explored a bit more.

I rate this anime 3.5/5.


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