The Seven Deadly Sins Review

7taizai_01_cs1w1_899x1280The Seven Deadly Sins was first aired during October 2014 to March 2015. The story is set in Britannia, in a world filled with magic and mystery. The land is protected by the immensely powerful Holy Knights. A tale tells of a time when a small band of Holy Knights decided to betray the kingdom and to attempt to overthrow the king.  They were supposedly vanquished by the other Holy Knights, however, the legend states that these mighty warriors, hailed “The Seven Deadly Sins” still live and are waiting their chance to rise again. Ten years later the current Holy Knights decide to stage their very own coup. Thus begins the quest of Elizabeth, the third daughter of the crown, and her search to reform The Seven Deadly Sins in order to reclaim the kingdom and free the oppressed citizens of Kingdom of Liones.

My Review: This show it’s really endearing, all of the characters are incredibly lovable so it’s hard to pick a favorite. The animation is fairly standard but I did really like the bold colors and simplistic design of the characters, along with the somewhat intricate details of the backgrounds. The plot isn’t too bad, although I do have to say that there is a lot of filler, nothing too boring but I would have liked to see more progression in the main story. I could see that the writers were trying to create tension during many of the moments but there was never a moment where I felt particularly affected by it, mainly due to the show’s track record of everything working out, no matter what. All in all, I’d say The Seven Deadly Sins is well worth the watch.

I rate this anime 3.5/5.


One thought on “The Seven Deadly Sins Review

  1. THis show was super fun to watch but that was about it. There isn’t a lot of rewatch value in it and it didn’t have a lot of depth. I really enjoyed it for the once watch though.


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